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How to Have a Professional Teacher's Appearance

Teachers are professionals, but you can't always tell by the appearance. While you can't judge a book by its cover, some people never open the cover. All teachers want to be respected. They have earned a degree and they put a lot of work into their classroom. Follow this advice and, at a glance, you will be considered a professional!


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      Practice personal hygiene. Another saying, cleanliness is next to godliness. Well, it won't make you a god or goddess, but it can affect how your students and their parents view you. Bath regularly. Use deodorant. In you wear perfume or cologne, go light. Brush your teeth and, if necessary, have breath mints on hand. Clean and comb your hair in a style that can last all day long. You may have an impromptu conference after school!
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      Guru Eropa

      Dress for success. Your clothes should be clean and pressed. It should reflect your position. When you bend over, your underwear shouldn't show. When you lift your arms, your stomach should remain hidden. Bras should be worn but not visible. Jeans and tee shirts are very comfortable, but they do not have a professional look. This doesn't mean you have to wear denim dresses with chalkboard designs or ties with schoolhouses on them. Use your own style, but consider your position. Some looks are just not right in the classroom. If you look sloppy, don't be surprised when you are not treated in a professional manner. . . . . .

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    Consider every aspect of your appearance. Another part of the dress is your shoes. Tennis shoes are great for p.e. classes, but a shoe with a more professional look should be worn in the classroom. Go for comfort that looks good.
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    Remember your face! The most important part of your appearance is your demeanor. If you wear a constant scowl or loudly complain, you will not be looked at as a professional teacher. Your countenance should be one that is attractive to the children and the way you address them should be gracious and professional.
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    Guru Amrik
    Go into your classroom and make it look professional too. Add framed copies of your degrees to the wall behind your desk. This establishing the fact that you have a degree and are qualified to teach.
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    All in all, none of these things will make you a better teacher. In fact, a terrible teacher can look very professional. If you want to be treated as a professional, be willing to dress the part and act the part. Then more beyond that, and be professional too!
  • source : www.ehow.com

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