Kamis, 15 Mei 2008

The Two Clear Ways

Two Clear Ways Of Knowing God
First, an inward way (the closest way). Here we get in touch with our deep, inner self and we hear the cry of monotheism from within the depths of ourselves. In the corner of heart and spirit, one will sense a very subtle sound which is full of kindness and at the same time clear and firm, which calls one towards the great source of the univers and the power that we call God. The very pure that divinely created human nature of people.

When ones finds oneself facing problems and difficulties, when earthquake or hurricane comes. At this time when one is curtailed from all means of material life this sound gains strength. One senses that within one's self, a power is calling one the superior to all forces, a secret force and all difficulties seem simple before it. Its just like the story of the pharaoh when he saw that he was drowing in the waves of sea. His cry came from his soul. We also knom that there is a light shines from there which call to God. Perhaps there have been times when you have net with difficulties and problems and all of the usual ways of solving problems do not work. At that moment, the most certainly, we have seen that there is a force in the world which can easily solve it. This is the closest way which a person can take to god.

There is a question is the voice of monotheism (tauwhid) is the result of things which we have heard from our environment and our mother and father have told us or from school so it become very normal?we know that custom always changes. And we know also that fitrat is never change. For instance the love of mother for her child. This love is not come from propaganda or habit or custom. This love is come from fitrat. This love will never end and never changes.

As state by sociologist and historians, there has been no time in history when believe in god and faith did not exist among people. It is clear reason why the worship of God is from the depth of the spirit and it source is fitrat from human being, not that it is a result of customs we have eccepted because he it were the consequences of habit and custom it would not be so extensiv and eternal.

People who lived before history began had some kind of a belief system, they searched for God and looked for him among creatures and they made idols for them self of things in nature.

Human spirit has four sense, 1. The sense of knowledge, the thirsty for knowledge. 2. The sense of goodness, the source for moral and human issues in the world of humanity. 3. The sense of beauty, the source of art. 4. The sense of belief, which invite the human being to know God. And to implement his commands.

We also see that the materialists even admit to the existence of God, even though they do not mention his name. They they call it with "nature".

In our live some people that victories and succeses develops pride, but when the moment that storm of difficulties throw their life into chaos, the curtains of pride and selfishness moves away from their eyes and divinely created nature (fitrat) and monotheism appears. All of up is like a drawing of lion which are painted on flag we move and perhaps even attacks, but in reality have nothing from our self, it is strength is the wind which gives our power to move. We are have nothing from ourself it is God who has given this strength to us and whenever he will he can take it from us.

We can conclude that
1. A love for God has always axisted in us and will always continu.
2. Faith in God is an eternal flame which warns our heart and spirit.
Second, the outward way( the clearest way). Here we explore the expansive created world, and we see the univers. And take learn about God from it.

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