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1. Invitation For Eating Party After Harvest Time (Rice Field Harvest)

Each time after harvest time is usually held a party (kenduri). At that time, every house should prepare the food like curry (gulai) or may be red rice with coconut and some kinds others. The invitation is not in the form of letter with a cigar or with a nut leaf, but it is a unique one:

Early in the morning the host of the party cover some ass with banana leaf. The leaf then, put in upih or in coconut buttock. The upih or the buttock are put on the balcony. Whoever sees the leaf may go straight to eat. No matter if it is the right time or not. So the ass in the leaf is the invitation. It is most common that the younger into and out off the house, not only for the meal but the most important also to see the females. And for those who own daughter will be visited more often by the men and so do the married ones.

2. The Invitation For Wedding Party

Inviting guest for wedding party is not the task of the men but the women of two or three. Armed with jangki tarawang, nut leaf pack full of nut leaves and cigarettes they invite every house. While presenting the jangki they convey their intention of coming verbally and inform when and where the party will be held. The people invited take the leaves and cigarettes.

If they invite the custom holders, they have to accompanied by the family of the bride and or the bridegroom.

3. The Invitation For A Meeting

If a meeting that is held by Ninik Mamak then the invitation should be conveyed by Hulu Balang armed with kampein uko, and visit every house to be invited. By presenting the kampein uko they convey the invitation verbally if it is for wedding then the invitation is delivered by tengganai of the family.

4. Announcement

If it is for a work announcement digging a dam, the invitation is conveyed through a gong. One or two days before the work is held the invitation is delivered after Isya praying in which all people have come to their respective homes. They walk around the village while announcing loudly like :

Uuuuuuu…sado kito ngan ado dili ngan di mudeik, lah dateang pulo perintoah depati ninik mamoak pada kito sgalo, nan mano pado ahi isauk kito mangadokan gutong royo ngali bendea. Kapado sgalo anok janteang, dan sgalo laka-laki nagan adea dili dan di mudeik, dateang isauk muo pangkau dan pra. Anok batino muo ayea kawo….”

“every body in this village, a command, that Ninik Mamak are going to have a work the next day digging a dam. To all the men in this village come with a hoe and a sword, and all of the women bring some snack.

A flag is built at the work place and hit the gong to call the people to come. At the work time, the women sing together to motivate the men.

The other way of announcing is to build a black flaf for a death, if the death is the custom holder, the flag should be the flag of the custom.

hat is the way of giving invitation and announcement by Kerincinese.

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