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One Nation is committed to a fundamental level of education that encompasses at the very least, writing, reading, spoken skills and expression combined with essential mathematics. To ensure this, we will replace the UNESCO "PROGRESSIVE" system with a full "SYLLABUS" system. “Emphasis on responsibility, competition and discipline”. We will reinstate School Inspectors and ensure Christian values, patriotism and morality. Aptitude tests will be conducted to ensure students are directed towards an education in line with their capabilities.
• Compulsory attendance at schools for all Australian children (where appropriate).
• Placing male teachers back into the occupation so that numbers equal those of female teachers.
• Curriculum: The school system should seek to provide literacy, numeracy, a generalised knowledge and skills base, which would enable students to graduate with the ability to accommodate a wide range of occupational futures. Additional features should include life skills, including parenting, work environments and social responsibilities, Christian values in place of "moral autonomy". Education in the Australian constitution, its rights, responsibilities and history. Magna Charta, the Court, jury system and their histories. The role of state governors and the governor general, the political system and their histories. The Australian Electoral commission, referendum and voting, and their histories; would begin with basics in primary education, and finish at university level. All other traditional and contemporary electives shall continue in high schools.
• Discipline: Each school community should be free to decide on their own discipline policies within reasonable constraints.
• School fees: As all state primary and secondary education has already been funded out of taxpayer contributions, further fees should not exist, (with the exception of private education). Funding to state and private schools will continue on an equitable value, based on student numbers.
• Funding: Statistics show that 70% of students attend public schools; however, due to concern over the drop in standards, many parents have been forced to send their children to private schools. One Nation will distribute funding in accordance with the attendances and needs, but to qualify, all schools must return to a syllabus system and improve their standards. Private schools will be closely monitored to prevent funds from going to those involved in subversive cults and terrorist activities.
• Universities and other tertiary institutions: One Nation believes post secondary education is the critical component of occupational training. Statistics show that only 30% of students go on to universities (a large percentage of them drop out for various reasons). Therefore, based on this, more emphasis and funding will be put into the return of indentured apprentice and TAFE training. This not only provides them with the necessary skills, but it provides a background to continue on to further education if and when required.
• One Nation would provide a bursary system to pay for training and education where skills are desperately needed, e.g. doctors and nurses in public hospitals.
• United Nations Treaties: One Nation will withdraw from all treaties that have not been legally accepted by the people as per our Constitution. Politically correct propaganda will be removed from all educational institutions, devoting time to meaningful teaching, thus reducing much waste of student time and resources, reducing costs and bringing further education within the reach of those who desire it.
Education encompasses the following departments: Accreditation, Continuing Education, Education Authorities and Institutions, Educational Resources, Grants, Higher Education, Literacy/Numeracy, School Education, Students, Vocational Education and Training.
One Nation opposes UN/UNESCO imposing a "PROGRESSIVE" system to change the direction, content and method of education in all countries of the western world. UNESCO's Director-General Julian Huxley (a leading member of the Colonial Bureau of the British Fabian Society), explained its official plan. "The goal of UNESCO was stated plainly in the study's first volume. Children should be educated in those qualities of citizenship, which provide the foundation upon which international government must be based if it is to succeed.” This involved the neutralisation of children’s love of country and patriotism, the eventual suppression of history and the breakdown of the home and family life.
The violent events of 1974-75 in the USA caused not the slightest doubt that humanism and its "progressive" materialist education was the primary cause. By the most conservative estimates, 100 students were murdered in high schools throughout the nation and countless others were viciously attacked. 10,000 girls were raped and 70,000 teachers punched and beaten, some with such weapons as bicycle chains. Here was the effect of rejecting Christianity and its culture. Here was "humanism" in action, firmly established, out of control, its results beginning to show. Between 1963 and 1977, educational performance fell unbelievably and the penny dropped in the public mind. 2,800 government schools and colleges were closed, something that had never happened before in American history.
By 1976 in Australia's state of Victoria, 30% to 40% of children leaving primary school had a reading ability less than that of ten-year-olds, "functionally illiterate" according to Stewart Sykes, Monash University lecturer in Special Education. The Age quoted him as saying that “without basic skills in reading and writing, such children are obviously committed to school failure, frustration and discouragement. The real tragedy is that much of this failure could have been avoided by more effective initial teaching". How right he was, for over the next three decades this has continued resulting in 62% of major crimes perpetuated by the young, less than 21 years of age. 67.7% of those caught were under 17 years of age.
Senior teachers and educators of integrity have always known that reading difficulties can be avoided by the use of phonics and have continued to use the method but as they retire, the grip of UNESCO's policy of political indoctrination and deliberate under-education tightens. For now teachers themselves cannot spell. The teaching of English has failed dismally according to teachers themselves (personal communications). Australian children who want to know about the grammars of their own language have to learn a foreign language.
This is not an exaggeration. Incompetent teachers are unable to teach grammar, not having been taught it themselves. The teaching of the "new maths" system confused the child's mind, destroying their logic, turning them away from science and engineering as a calling. Implementing the UN and UNESCO policy "to delete family attitudes", school children are skilfully turned against parents through the use of scorn and cruel intrusion into the child's privacy and modesty. Parental influence on education is almost nil, though government education authorities offer lip-service invitations to parents to mollify them. Most parents are only too happy to believe the teachers and accept that schools are responsible for all guidance of their children, yet will not allow corporal punishment when it is richly deserved.
Parental ignorance and neglect of children is partly to blame for increasing crimes of violence and vandalism, some parents and teachers having no control over children at all. That teachers are not allowed to act appropriately is a situation encouraged by legislation to prevent disciplinary action.
IN TODAY'S EDUCATION. Children are not taught what is right or wrong. Teachers are instructed to teach "moral autonomy" in place of Christian values of the past. Children have to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. This even extends to drugs. Experimentation is thereby encouraged. In a situation where children do not know and teachers cannot tell them what is right and wrong and where children are supposed to learn from each other, class discussion deteriorates to a situation where one articulate student who happens to read something more than others can impose his/her will on the entire class. This is the way that anti-nuclear, greenhouse falsehoods and myths have been perpetuated through the community.
School burning’s costs the taxpayer large sums of money each year. When children are taught that "what feels good after you do it is good" and denied guidance to what is right and wrong, anything is possible. A form of academic madness prevails. It could not be called education. One Labor MP said. "The only way to ensure a good moral Christian education for your children is to take them out of the state system." The question is why should parents be forced to do this and why should the multitude that cannot afford to do that, have the Labor and Liberal supported UNESCO system thrust upon their children? One Nation believes everyone, regardless of means is entitled to a good education system, with emphasis on responsibility, competition, discipline and free from the Liberal/Labor UNESCO indoctrination. Children should not be exposed to moral danger and be free from drugs and paedophiles.
Education in Australia is in crisis
Almost all standards of education have fallen over the past four decades and governments and teachers defiantly ignore the deep concern expressed by parents, industry, commerce and the wider community. In a democracy, how could this be? The origins of this crisis go back over forty years. There were three essential causes. One of these was, and continues to be, manifested through a series of UN treaties. Another has been the gradual erosion of democratic process in Australia. The third has been the teaching profession itself. The following condensed explanation provides another point of view. The certificate, diploma or degree is now considered to be more important than the effective and productive function of the qualification holder.
The common thread in these developments is the doctrine of elitism and its harder edge, anti-egalitarianism, promulgated by universities throughout the education system, but more particularly through the schools. The so called academics and feminists of school education are having some disastrous results. From the point of view of student employment prospects, the picture is grim. The myopic push to academia will mean a larger future pool of unemployable degree-holders. It will also mean highly paid degree holders who provide no discernible product or demonstrably needed service, while desperately needed skilled jobs and trade positions go unfilled. In the meantime, universities are ruthlessly clawing education funds to themselves, starving T.A.F.E that cannot compete with the full time lobbying impact of voracious Vice-Chancellors and thus denying the majority of the population access to further education at realistic hours or reasonable prices.
The academic elitism in, and feminisation of, Australian schools are believed to be the main causes of:
• Male students' failure to achieve.
• In the increasing alienation of young males from mainstream society.
• In the youth suicide rate in which males outnumber females by eight to one.
• Contributing to the social alienation of the non-academic female.
• Seriously exacerbating and often actually causing, youth unemployment.
All of the above will eventually and inevitably provide major contributions to the breakdown of social fabric, of Australian family life and culture, and of law and order. At the moment, private schools do not have to meet the same accountability arrangements as public schools. The federal government has a responsibility to make sure all children in all schools get a high quality education, however due to its commitment to a UNESCO social education system. The aim of education under the new global order will not be to impart knowledge; it will be to condition children to be obedient global citizens. Teaching political correctness rather than knowledge has blown out the cost of education, wasting time, money and resources whilst the real level of education is declining.
Ref: ‘Australian Education’ by Tony Ryan.
‘The Hellmakers’ by John Grover.
‘22 Steps to Global Tyranny’ by Graham Strachan.
Current programs are very hypocritical, especially when we have a government committed to GST, globalisation and GATS. This has lost 90% of our manufacturing industry, destroying job opportunities resulting in record youth unemployment, causing despair and suicide. Without a complete change of direction to tackle the root cause of the problems, these programs are farcical.
• One Nation suggests that a national youth civil service program would be beneficial for training, self-discipline, self-respect and self-esteem. The program would of course cover the three Armed Services, however also shall include hospital, emergency services, National Parks, Fisheries and Forestry.
• We believe in second chance boot camps for wayward youth, that will teach them the error of their ways, respect for others, self-respect, discipline and responsibility.
• These programs have been on trial successfully and the participants’ re-offending rates are encouragingly very low. Juvenile justice, for those who qualify, involves giving our youth who front the courts a last chance before prison. Mixing black and white males and females together in a skills training program on an isolated property near Tingha in NSW was a huge success but the government pulled the funding when the program trainers found that a mere $200,000 was not enough when it went over budget, only needing $350,000 or so to work. Most of the training programs and equipment are provided by local industries i.e. panel beaters, mechanics, retail stores, light industry manufacturing and rural, etc. One Nation would get it going again under a new program.
Programmes identical to this have been implemented Australia wide. They all achieved the identical success and they all had the pin pulled by state Labor governments. Has the penny dropped yet?
The Commonwealth Department of Education and Youth Affairs (DETYA) offer the following programs, Australian Careers Directory Information about career planning and education and training options for Australian jobs.
• Green Corps is a voluntary program which provides young Australians aged 17-20 years with accredited training whilst participating in environmental and heritage conservation projects.
• Indigenous School to Work Transition. This site provides information on school to work transitions of indigenous Australians.
• Job Guide is a service to help young people find out about careers, education and training.
• Job Placement, Employment and Training. This program is aimed at assisting students and unemployed young people aged 15-21 years (with priority to be given to those aged 15-19) who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
• Job Pathways Program. This aims to provide assistance to meet the needs of young people making the transition from school to work.
• Literacy and Numeracy Program. Providing basic literacy and numeracy training to eligible job seekers whose skills are below the level considered necessary to get and keep a job. (This points to the failings of our education system).
• Publications: Produced by DETYA about youth affairs.
• Rural Youth Information Service. An information, advice and referral service for young people aged 15-25 years living in rural and remote areas of Australia.
• The Source. Information about the programs and services that the Government provides for young people.
• Switch On. Information about programs and services provided by the Government departments and related organisations for young people aged 12-24.
• The Real Game is a career and life skills program aimed at 12-14 year olds and was piloted in Australia in 2004.
• Training and Youth On-line. A web-based newsletter providing up-to-date information on the government's Training and Youth initiatives.
• Youth Pathways Action Plan Taskforce is part of the Government's response to “addressing the needs of young Australians as they make their way from dependence to independence”. The taskforce is currently undertaking work that will help in developing an Action Plan.
• Youth Round Table. The national Youth Round Table will meet twice a year and will bring together 50 young Australians, aged from 15-24, in an environment that encourages open discussion on issues affecting their generation.
ONE NATION is committed to provide every Australian with a standard of education equal to the best in the world. This encompasses competency in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. We will ensure students are directed towards an education in line with their capabilities. Teachers will be required to undergo federal police checks at regular intervals to enhance public confidence. The Education Department must strive for a balance in gender of teachers. We will ensure that only teachers which are properly trained to teach particular subjects are allowed to instruct in those subjects. We will fund accordingly.
1) Compulsory attendance at schools for all children. Exempt special circumstances shall remain.
2) Stop truancy - making parents and teachers more responsible.
3) Re-introduce discipline at school and measures to prevent any abuse.
4) Remove political correctness from the school system. No more social engineering.
5) Re-introduce Christian ethics at schools.
6) Establish Special Schools for special need children.
7) Restructure administration and place emphasis on literacy, numeracy, respect and responsibility.
8) Lift teachers standing in the community. A teacher’s role is to teach and impart knowledge.
They are not social workers or nurses.
9) Guaranteed access to University education for qualified Australian students. Time limit to finish degree.
10) University funding to match particular courses offered.
11) No HECS fees. Regional posting if required.
12) Free TAFE courses aimed to enhance job prospects.
13) Emphasis on Apprenticeship training rather than importing skills.
14) Re-establishing Colleges attached to Teaching Hospitals for the training of enrolled Nurses.
15) ONE NATION will support optional re-introduction of same sex classes.
16) Overseas students required to return to their countries after completion of their studies.
Youth National Service Program would be beneficial to Australia, its youth and its citizens. The reasons for this are obvious. Policy expansion into this area is intended. Material will be presented as soon as it has been compiled.
Edited and Formatted
Andrew Webber Federal Policy coordinator NSW
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