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Akreditasi Akademi Sekretari Dan Manajemen Ariyanti

ASM Ariyanti is an educational institution outside of the school's name, which has a lot to produce skilled graduates who are ready to jointly build the nation and beloved country of the Republic of Indonesia. The institution would bercikal of a small saloon, founded in 1968 by an air force soldier's wife's mother is Mrs. Arymbi, now known as CA Ariyanti PS At first this activity is a sideline activity wives of soldiers who earn barely enough, but in his journey, he saw a huge public interest to build personal self to be the wives who earn to be able to assist the kitchen of each household, besides that great opportunities for expertise in the field of feminine beauty is still wide open.

Along with the development progress of science and technology, hence the initiative and address the growing interest in the education pioneered one year (ready to work) or better known as the Education Program One Year Education and Training Institutions Ariyanti (LPP Ariyanti), by organizing several departments namely Computer Accounting, Computer Management and Information Technology, Computer Banking and Finance, Secretary, Administrative Offices, Hotels, Tours and Travel, and Public Relations.

HR era of globalization is a human being who has the competitive qualities, able to think, and know all the obligations and rights. Able to survive in a life full of competition by producing works - works that are superior and provide benefits to the lives of others. LPP Ariyanti addressing the era of globalization as a challenge that will be the opportunity to print the graduates who excel intellectually, competent in their field and to master science and technology, as well as morally excellent

Determination to make this nation has never stopped. The desire to devote himself to the world of education has never subsided. Challenges of business and industry will be a reliable Human Resources need to be prepared through treatment and education services in a professional. Driven by the spirit of devotion in the year 1991, stand Ariyanti Education Foundation which aims to provide the legal umbrella organization of education within the framework of both formal and non formal education.

In the Year 1997, as a precaution the public interest and global developments came the idea of establishing the university. In accordance with a field that has been in these respective fields over the world and see the demands of existing work, the education level chosen is a professional level of Diploma III, the Secretary and the Management Academy was established Ariyanti with emphasis on the Secretary and the Management Studies Program Administration (with concentration Offices, Accounting and Information Systems), and in accordance with the workings and developments Ariyanti and see the job market opportunities and interests of society, the new concentration dibinalah, Hospitality Management Administration, which educate and create HR professionals in the field of hospitality.

ASTC (Ariyanti Skills and Training Center) was present as evidence of concern for the problems of the country that have high unemployment rates as a result the quality of human resources is inadequate, ranging from high unemployment, the narrowness of the field and job opportunities, lower productivity of society, until the company's declining profits, it is a problem, but that does not mean can not be solved. Based on that offered a solution and way out through education and skills training provided in order to give meaning to change many things.

Among them are guaranteed to improve the quality and increase work motivation and productivity. Increased mastery of business management skills and give meaning to grow and develop entrepreneurship-which is certainly a new entrepreneurial opportunities and new employment opportunities.

ASTC as partners and a solution for all parties concerned to improve the quality of providing themselves with a high commitment to meet the needs of institutions or the public.

As a standard of quality, education and training methods shown in the 20% theory and 80% practice through the delivery of interactive case studies and practice, accompanied by instructors to participants truly master. In the early stages of excavation will be preceded by potential participants to detect the starting and how materials should be submitted. Method of application supported by HR professionals and hard workers. Instructors are competent in their field as well as quality training materials and updated as needed so that graduates and alumni guaranteed skilled, qualified and independent course.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 D-III Akad. Sekretari dan Manajemen Ariyanti Manajemen Administrasi 014 2007 B 2012-11-16
2 04 D-III Akad. Sekretari dan Manajemen Ariyanti Sekretari 011 2007 C 2012-09-29

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