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Akreditasi UNISBA

Born in Bandung Islamic University on the idea of Muslim leaders and community demands in West Java will be the college that having the intellectual birth of Islam and Muslims. UNISBA embryo begins with the birth of the Islamic Higher Education (PIT) on November 15, 1958, under the auspices of the Islamic Education Foundation (YPI). Faculty who first established a Faculty of Shariah in 1958, then Faculty of Usul al-Din and the Faculty of MT in the year 1961.

In subsequent developments, in 1967 PIT Kiansantang transformed into the Islamic University. Then, in 1969 renamed the Islamic University of Bandung (UNISBA) and then successively established the Faculty of Law (1971), Faculty of Science and Natural Science (1972) now MIPA, Faculty of Psychology (1973), Faculty of Engineering (1973), Faculty of Economics (1979), and the Faculty of Communication Studies (1982) and in 2004 officially established the Faculty of Medicine became the youngest faculty at UNISBA.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Psikologi 035 2004 A 2009-08-23
2 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Ahwal Al-Syakhshiyyah 021 2004 B 2009-06-17
3 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Agama Islam 012 2004 B 2009-04-16
4 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Perbandingan Agama 012 2004 B 2009-04-16
5 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Ilmu Hukum 016 2005 A 2010-09-30
6 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Pendidikan Agama Islam 017 2005 B 2010-10-13
7 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Matematika 021 2005 B 2010-11-17
8 04 S2 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Ilmu Hukum 003 2005 B 2010-02-18
9 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Muamalat 021 2006 B 2011-12-30
10 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Teknik Pertambangan 031 2007 B 2012-12-29
11 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Pendidikan Dokter 020 2008 C 2013-08-29
12 04 S2 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Pendidikan Islam 008 2008 C 2013-08-14
13 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Ilmu Komunikasi 021 2009 B 2014-07-31
14 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Manajemen 008 2009 B 2014-05-15
15 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Teknik Industri 004 2009 B 2014-04-17
16 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Statistika 003 2009 B 2014-04-11
17 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota 013 2009 B 2014-06-05
18 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Ekonomi Pembangunan 013 2009 B 2014-06-05
19 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Akuntansi 015 2009 B 2014-06-19
20 04 S2 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Ilmu Komunikasi 010 2009 C 2014-09-05
21 04 S1 Univ. Islam Bandung (UNISBA) Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam 046 2010 B 2015-02-11

The purpose of education in realizing UNISBA is mujahid (fighter), the mujtahid (the researcher) and mujaddid (reformer) in a scientific community Islami, then reload the learning process a lot of education to the Islamization of the Islamic Religious Education each semester, mentoring Islamic Religion, Islamic students and scholars. Various facilities and infrastructure to learn, practice and research as supporting the education process in UNISBA, provided in full, including: laboratories, libraries, training centers and language laboratories, data processing centers, Internet, and various research centers and community service.

GRADUATE To meet the demands of higher education, since 1998 UNISBA which has opened the Graduate Studies Program Legal Studies concentration of Islamic Law and Criminal Law and Management Studies Program of Islamic Education. Now, with No operating permit. 2952/D/T/2003 UNISBA Pascasarja add a new program, the Communication Studies Program. For the current (2009) Pg UNISBA, with Director Prof. Dr. H. Toto Tohir Suriaatmadja, SH, M.H. have Naturalife Greenworld a new building and new majors, Psychology Maguster Study Program, Economic Studies Program Master of Management, and the last program of study Doctor (S3) Legal Studies. The development of enthusiasts into Pg UNISBA, continue to rise. In the year, 2004 applicants came in about only 20 people. For the current (2009) Post-entry applicants UNISBA reached 200 people. Of those requesting, from the results of tests and interviews, some can not be accepted because Pascasrjana UNISBA not set up to print the money, but scored a graduate of learning. Therefore, academic ability becomes the main basis of acceptance of new students. Graduate Student UNISBA, viewed from the origin of living, mostly from West Java, followed from Banten, Sumatra, East Java, Central Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Maluku. Two years into the future is planned to open a doctoral studies program (S3) Communication Studies, and several masters programs.

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