Senin, 20 September 2010

Akreditasi STIKES Bina Putra Banjar

A total of 137 student High School of Health Sciences Bina Putera (STIKES BP) Banjar graduation as a graduate field of health sciences diGraha Banjar Idaman, Thursday (22/10).

Graduation procession made by the Chairman of Bina Putera STIKES Drs.H Rokhman MKes Oman witnessed Mayor Banjar dr.H Sutrisno Herman, MM.

They consist of graduate students: 67 people came from Kebidaan Program, 47 of the Program of Nursing Studies, 23 people from the science program of Public Health.

STIKES Bina Putera Chairman, Oman Drs.H Rokhman in laporanya suggested, until today STIKES BP has graduated more than 1,000 graduates of Health Sciences Program DIII, S1 or Nurs.

"Most of them have worked in the hospital, Home Delivery, health centers, and other Health Service of the Government, Armed Forces, Police and private," he explained.

It is said, to further improve the quality of graduates, STIKES BP will complement a variety of facilities to support teaching and learning process. Labs two-story addition is designed as a mini-hospital to place student learning, is also provided within the campus hotspots.

'Tujuanya that students can access information for manambah science,' she said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Banjar dr.H Sutrisno Herman, MM in sambutanya said the fundamental issue that needs to be noted that STIKES graduates should be able to become qualified health professionals.

"Today is the quality of human resources must be considered in addition to improving the moral quality, the ability to think," he explained.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 D-III ST Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES) Bina Putra Banjar Kebidanan 007 2006 B 2011-08-03
2 04 S1 ST Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES) Bina Putra Banjar Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat 009 2006 B 2011-07-27
3 04 S1 ST Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES) Bina Putra Banjar Ilmu Keperawatan 011 2009 C 2014-05-29

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