Senin, 20 September 2010

Akreditasi Poltek Pos

Globalization and rapid technological development demands the availability of skilled experts and professionals in managing the industry. The need for skilled workers and professionals is a task for all parties, especially for education to meet them. Although quantitatively sufficient number of institutions engaged in education, but institutions that provide education in the professional track is relatively very less when compared with the needs of the industrial world. Especially when associated with the quality of institutions provide education in professional education channels, is still very limited number of institutions capable of producing graduates who are suitable to the needs of industry.

Realizing the needs to the needs of industry professionals will be so large, the public interest, particularly prospective students to attend professional education also tends to increase. The increase was due to society, although quiet, the view changes to education oriented to professional education degree. Indications of this high interest is the number of students who apply for a student to pursue a professional education, such as Polytechnic was so great that many were not accommodated due to limited facilities. Therefore, skilled workers and professionals, especially in Indonesia, felt still very lacking.

By paying attention to these developments and the availability of facilities and infrastructure owned, PT Pos Indonesia as one company in the industry participate perposan moved to contribute to the world of education. To realize the contribution to the world of education, the Education Foundation was established Bhakti Pos Indonesia, whose activities include: education, training, etc.. Politeknik Pos Indonesia is the first institution established by the Education Foundation of Bhakti Pos Indonesia on July 5, 2001 based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education 56/D/O/2001 number Granting Permission Pos Indonesia is the establishment of polytechnic education, the Diploma in Engineering Informatics III , Information Management, Accounting, Marketing and Business Logistics.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 D-III Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung Manajemen Pemasaran 006 2005 C 2008-06-23
2 04 D-III Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung Akuntansi 006 2005 B 2010-06-23
3 04 D-III Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung Teknik Informatika 010 2005 B 2010-08-25
4 04 D-III Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung Manajemen Informatika 016 2008 B 2013-09-19
5 04 D-III Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung Logistik Bisnis 009 2008 B 2013-08-03
6 04 D-III Politeknik Pos Indonesia, Bandung Pemasaran 009 2008 C 2013-08-03

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