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Akreditasi Institut Manajemen Bisnis Telkom

Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) or formerly known STMB Telkom was established with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Bandung through deed Wiratni Ahmad, SH., No. 163/1990, as the Graduate School (graduate school).

In its early years, Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) adopts intact, schooling system, which was conducted at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines. This system has proved to be very good, because the AIM Graduate School managed to become famous in Asia and the World. MBA bandung is the organizer of the first MBA program in West Java.

When established, the organization and management of institutions directly supervised by a 3 (three) of the AIM-level professionals, namely: 1 (one) Dean (Dean Bernado), 1 (one) Senior Professor (Prof. Rafael J. Azanza), and 1 (a) Directors (Ms. Emmy De Vera). This third person does not only introduce and apply the schooling system, AIM, is more than that, they also tried to apply the cultural and professional values that prevail in AIM.

The activity they are doing consistently for five years, from 1990-1995. They came to the Institute of Management Telkom (Telkom IM) for teaching the team approach to teaching along with internal faculty Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom), and always discuss about the management of good educational institutions.

Implementation schooling system at the Institute of Management AIM Telkom (Telkom IM) is quite successful and this is reflected by the success of Telkom Institute of Management (IM Telkom) together with the IPPM, IPMI, and Prasetya Mulya, was listed as the 4 (four) major business schools SWA magazine's best year in 1992, outperformed public universities like UI, ITB, Padjadjaran University, etc.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 S2 ST Manajemen Bisnis Telkom, Bandung Manajemen 007 2007 B 2011-12-16
2 04 S1 ST Manajemen Bisnis Telkom, Bandung Manajemen 034 2008 A 2013-01-26

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