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Akreditasi STIA LAN Bandung

Privatization, decentralization, and globalization is an inevitable development in governance and development of 21st century. Learning from the experiences of various countries that have successfully developed in the early 21st century, we noted the key to their success mainly lies in the competence of its human resources excellence. Another key success are the hallmarks of institutional systems (consistent behavior, airworthiness policy, legal certainty, and the rules of the game) the mastery of science and technology, and the quality of organization and management at both public and business sectors. It is very necessary that we as a nation has the resilience dna high competitiveness so as to increase social welfare significantly ekonomiu for all people throughout the archipelago, is able to enhance the role in the global economy, able to enhance the dignity of nations in the development map of nations.

STIA LAN is one university official who has a strong commitment to quality education and quality graduates. Commitment to quality education and quality of graduates is based on a long journey which began since the founding of Higher Education Department of Public Administration (PTDIAN) through Decree, the Minister of the First Republic No.58/MP/1960 until the release of Presidential Decree Number 100 Year 1999 about the High School Administrative Science Public Administration Institute (STIA LAN).


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 S1 ST Ilmu Administrasi Bandung Ilmu Administrasi Negara 018 2007 B 2012-08-18

LAN STIA Bandung, which is one of three campuses STIA LAN, located at Jalan Cimandiri No.34-38 Bandung, Bandung LAN STIA existence beginning with the founding of the Academy of Administrative Science Campus Bandung on 19 February 1965 by Decree No. Director LAN. 01/012/1965. Then after going through a long process, in 1999 arranged with the Head of the LAN Decision Number 353/V/4/6/1999 about the organization and Administration of the LAN STIA Jakarta and Ujung Pandang Bandung, (ed: Makassar).

In addition to conducting Tier-1 levels of education, LAN STIA Bandung also provide education for S-2 level.

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