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Latihan Soal SNMPTN 2010

Based on Ministerial Decree No. 006 of National Education in 2008 on Guidelines on Admission of New Candidate State Universities and Regulation of the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education No.18/DIKTI/Kep/2008 dated March 28, 2008 on the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs, The Rector of State Universities under the coordination of the Director General of Higher Education Department of Education held a selection of new students together at the national level in the form of the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN).

SNMPTN a placement test systems in public universities nationally executed, by a central committee in Jakarta, who was appointed by DITJEN DIKTI, DEPDIKNAS RI. This mechanism will be implemented in early July 2010. Aim of the National Selection State University is to select new candidates who have the academic ability to attend and complete university education in accordance with the time limit set. Implementation of the National Selection State University is also not reduce the authority of their respective universities to conduct their own selection. Selection is done by a written exam pattern.

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National Selection Activities State University is a selection of student candidates to enter the State University at the National level with the pattern of written test and test specific skills for specific study programs. The implementation of this selection is carried out by a Central Committee which was formed by the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia and located in cities where strategically located State University.
Written test held in the framework of the National Selection of State Universities will be implemented simultaneously and integrated at the clock and the same day, with about the same in the various State Universities in Indonesia, so that participants are expected to choose the location closest to the implementation of these selection events. An exam is not taken into consideration in the selection process and the determination of a prospective student graduation in the college of choice.

Exercises Snmptn 2010 Package II

Download Tes Potensi Akademik

Basic Study Field Test :
1. Download Matematika Dasar ,
2. Download Bahasa Indonesia,
3. Download Bahasa Inggris

IPA Study Field Test :
1. Download Matematika IPA
2. Download Fisika ,
3. Download Kimia ,
4. Download Biologi ,

IPS Study Field Test :
1. Download Sejarah ,
2. Download Geografi ,
3. Download Ekonomi,
4. Download Sosiologi


A. Selection:

1. Passed National Exam SMA / MA / SMK / MAK or the equivalent in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
2. For graduate applicants must submit a package of C copies the last three years report card.
3. Having adequate health care so as not to interfere with the smooth process of teaching and learning in Higher Education.
4. Not color blind to certain courses.

B. Admission:

Passed National Exam, passed SNMPTN 2010, and healthy.

Based on the results of meetings of State Council of Higher Education Chancellor Indonesia in Denpasar on October 30, 2009, 2010 SNMPTN implemented under the coordination and responsibilities of the Council of Rectors of State University of Indonesia (MRPTNI). SNMPTN is the only selection patterns conducted jointly by the State Universities in one integrated system using about the same or equivalent and be held simultaneously.

Preliminary information is presented in this SNMPTN general provisions, including the group study program both science and social studies groups of 57 Public Universities. Initial information is published to be used and examined carefully by the prospective participants who will follow SNMPTN year 2010, so that prospective participants can prepare themselves in selecting the desired study program and can serve as a guide to follow the initial selection process SNMPTN well.

The detailed information about registration procedures and implementation SNMPTN Participant Handbook published in 2010 SNMPTN which can be accessed at the website with the address

Hopefully information about SNMPTN 2010 Exercise is beneficial for participants to follow SNMPTN preparation.

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