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UNG - Akreditasi Universitas Negeri Gorontalo

State University of Gorontalo forerunner was founded in 1963 when named Junior College, is part of FKIP UNSULUTENG. That year turned into a branch FKIP UNSULUTENG. In 1964 its status changed to FKIP IKIP Branch Branch Yogyakarta Manado. In mid-1965 after IKIP Manado stand alone, this institution became one of its branches and its name became IKIP Manado Gorontalo Branch 4 foster faculty with 13 majors.

In 1982 this institution was transferred from the Teachers' Training College Galway became one of the Faculty of the University of Galway by the name of Sam Ratulangi Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UNSRAT Manado in Gorontalo.
With the implementation of PP No. 30 Year 1990, then in 1993 the institute was officially established itself by the name of the High School Teacher Training and Education (STKIP) Gorontalo established by Presidential Decree No. 9 of 1993 dated January 16, 1993. Recognizing the limited scope coupled STKIP demanding needs of the community and local government, then in 2001 with Presidential Decree No. 19 Year 2001 dated February 5, 2001 upgraded to the status of these institutions that foster IKIP Affairs Gorontalo 5 faculties with 25 Study Program. And On June 23, 2004 President Megawati inaugurated into the State University of Gorontalo, with Presidential Decree Number 54 Year 2004, dated June 23, 2004.
Currently, State University of Gorontalo build 9 Faculty / Graduate Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Faculty of Literature & Culture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, Faculty Economics and Business and the Graduate Program


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknik Informatika 011 2005 C 2008-10-13
2 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknik Sipil 012 2005 C 2008-10-27
3 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknik Elektro 005 2005 C 2008-06-08
4 09 D-II Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (PGSD) 004 2006 C 2009-01-12
5 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Bahasa, Sastra Indonesia dan Daerah 001 2005 A 2010-01-28
6 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Sejarah 017 2005 B 2010-10-13
7 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Ekonomi 012 2005 B 2010-07-21
8 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Kriya Kain 013 2005 B 2010-12-08
9 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Bimbingan dan Konseling (BK) 021 2005 B 2010-11-17
10 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Kimia 010 2005 B 2010-07-07
11 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris 001 2005 B 2010-01-28
12 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Fisika 014 2005 B 2010-08-04
13 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Luar Sekolah 021 2005 B 2010-11-17
14 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Biologi 010 2005 B 2010-07-07
15 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Matematika 016 2005 B 2010-09-30
16 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (PPKn) 008 2005 B 2010-06-23
17 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Manajemen Pendidikan 037 2006 B 2011-03-09
18 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Akuntansi 010 2006 B 2011-09-01
19 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pariwisata 012 2006 B 2011-09-14
20 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Administrasi Perkantoran 008 2006 B 2011-08-10
21 09 S1 Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pendidikan Jasmani, Kesehatan dan Rekreasi 002 2006 B 2011-05-11
22 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Pertanian 008 2006 B 2011-08-10
23 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknologi Makanan Ternak 005 2007 B 2012-07-10
24 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknologi Hasil Perikanan 008 2007 B 2012-08-18
25 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknik Arsitektur 007 2007 C 2012-08-11
26 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Teknologi Hasil Perkebunan 005 2007 C 2012-07-10
27 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Budidaya Perairan 011 2009 B 2014-07-10
28 09 D-III Univ. Negeri Gorontalo Produksi Ternak 011 2009 C 2014-07-10


State University of Gorontalo has the following basic principles:
1. Kukuhnya cultural civilization religion ("religion of culture")
2. Concerned about the changes ("concern of change")
3. Maternity graduates who deserves diguguh and imitated for his keteladannya.
4. University leadership is good ("good university leadership")


"Vanguard University of Civilizations"

This vision showed Ung view as college who became a pioneer in the development of civilization in an effort to provide services to the public. This vision also showed expression to the views embodied in the community because it is through this vision of self expression in the development of civilization, civitas and not only for graduates but also for masyarakat.Universitas pioneers of civilization implies that Ung became the leading universities in developing science, technology, art cultural and moral values based on the university.


1. Produce graduates who are qualified, professional and civilized
2. Increasing the role of Ung in science and technology telecommunication development and community service
3. Restructure the institutional and public imaging


1. Increasing the role of Ung in implementing education and teaching in the delivery of quality human resources, professional and civilized
2. Serve as a center of science, technology
3. Enhance research activities that generate new knowledge and technology in enhancing human dignity and living conditions. arts and culture
4. Improving the implementation of community service through the dissemination and application of research results and technologies.
5. Improve student guidance pelaksanaankegiatan capable of supporting the formation of attitudes based on scholarly and scientific integrity of the personality to encourage the creation of science and technology culture, IMTAQ, and entrepreneurship which are based on ethics, morals and noble ahlak.
6. Synergistically enhance cooperation with the government, private sector and other universities both inside and outside.
7. Brought Ung as an autonomous university
8. Improving the institutional arrangements that are effective, efficient, transparent and accountable.


Ung values are I'KTIBAR (initiative, self-worship and reactualization). Campus I'ktibar meaningful: the campus as a place of learning. Resources and education center for teaching, research, arts, cultural and moral pembemtukan civilized. I'KTIBAR meaningful

1. Endeavor, as a mirror will recognize memutlakan servant of God Almighty, so that in their activity, Ung Residents must rely on an honest endeavor. These obstacles may be input values, or values which must be owned by citizens of expression, which can be viewed on the existence of academia, human beings are: (i) mandate, and (ii) professional, (iii) istiqomah.
2. Worship, as a mirror of its responsibilities yana servitude to God Almighty through the activity of the main tasks and functions that are valued for worship. Worship is at the value of the process (process values), or values in a tangible job on campus that human existence: (i) visionary, (ii) excited, and (iii) synergistic
3. Reactualization Self, as a form of responsibility for campus personnel who have the potential to be empowered again through concrete roles as a part integrated with the wider community. Therefore, self reactualization a value that will be caught olehpara stakeholders (executive, legislative, community, business and industrial world (Dudi), and other parties can work together and synergize with the Ung. Reactualization these self-referred to the so-called output values that can manifest padakeberadaban academic personnel: (i) productive, (ii) reliable, and (iii) commitment to continuous service.


Principal scientific pattern (PIP) expression is: "pendiddikan based region-oriented culture." Pedidikan referred to in the pattern of basic science is pedidikan in a broad sense, ie Ung develop and provide education for academic and / or professionals in the field of science education and / or nonkependidikan and culturally based. "Enterprise Zone" is intended that all associated with providing education, teaching and research and community service was developed based on the principles of quality, relevance and community needs on an ongoing basis, whether in the local area, national, regional, and even fore Ung will appear as an educational institution who are ready to compete and high synergy with universities internationally. Commodity Science (core competency) is "an integrated Education and Agriculture."

Important milestone in the history of the State University of Gorontalo, as long as 41 years attending educational institutions, as follows:
• 1963 Junior College FKIP Unsulteng
• Branch 1964 Branch FKIP IKIP Yogyakarta Manado
• 1965 IKIP Manado Gorontalo branch
• 1982 University of Sam Ratulangi FKIP
• 1993 STKIP Gorontalo
• State Teachers' Training College in 2001 Gorontalo
• 2004 State University of Gorontalo

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