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Unkhair - Akreditasi Universitas Khairun

University Khairun (hereinafter abbreviated UNKHAIR) was established by the Regional Government of North Maluku district with community leaders in 1964 through the establishment of Adult Education Foundation Khairun year 1964 dated August 15, 1964 and registered as a Private Higher Education (PTS) based on the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) Number 100/B/SWT/1965 dated February 15, 1965.
Its founders are: M.S. Djahir (Regent North Maluku), Baharudin Lopa (Chief District Court North Maluku), Adnan Amal (District Court Judge Ternate), Mursaha (North Maluku Police Chief Resort), Jasin Mohammed (lecturers Teachers' Training College Galway), AK Safar (Head of State Senior High School Ternate), A. S. A. Latif (Head of State SGA Ternate), Idrus Hasan (student IKIP Manado), Ibrahim Abbas (IKIP students Manado), Said Ammary (Copra Fund Head of Maluku and West Irian [DAKOMIB]), Jasin Pockmark (KPS Ternate), Karel Tan (Head of Department of Health North Maluku), and Muhammad Nasir (Office of General Staff Regent North Maluku).


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Ilmu Tanah 002 2006 C 2009-05-11
2 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Agronomi 003 2006 C 2009-05-18
3 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Biologi 004 2006 C 2009-06-01
4 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Sastra Indonesia 005 2006 C 2009-06-15
5 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Sastra Inggris 005 2006 C 2009-06-15
6 12 D-II Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (PGSD) 004 2006 C 2009-06-15
7 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris 004 2006 C 2009-06-01
8 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Teknik Sipil 002 2006 C 2009-05-11
9 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Sejarah 016 2006 B 2011-10-05
10 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (PPKn) 005 2006 B 2011-06-15
11 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Fisika 021 2006 C 2011-12-30
12 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Matematika 001 2007 B 2012-01-13
13 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Budidaya Perairan 003 2007 C 2012-02-10
14 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Peternakan 019 2007 C 2012-08-25
15 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Pendidikan Bahasa Indonesia 001 2007 C 2012-01-13
16 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Manajemen 011 2008 B 2013-06-20
17 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Ekonomi Pembangunan 009 2008 C 2013-06-06
18 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Teknologi Hasil Pertanian 012 2008 C 2013-06-28
19 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Teknik Elektro 010 2008 C 2013-06-13
20 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Teknik Mesin 006 2008 C 2013-05-23
21 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Arsitektur 011 2008 C 2013-06-20
22 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Ilmu Hukum 027 2009 B 2014-09-11
23 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Manajemen Sumber Daya Perairan 025 2009 C 2014-08-28
24 12 S1 Univ. Khairun Ternate Ilmu Kelautan 005 2009 C 2014-04-24

UNKHAIR leadership after its establishment is in the form of a diketaui by the Regents of the Presidium of North Maluku, MS Djahir. The second is A. Rector S.A. Latif, BA (1977-1981), the third rector dr. Salih Sahib (1981-1984), the fourth Rector of Drs. H.M. Abdulrahman Yusuf (1984-1998), and the fifth was the Rector of Drs. Rivai Umar, M. Si (1998-2004) and 2005-2009.
Under the leadership of the Rector of the period 1984-1998, Drs. H.M. Yusuf Abdulrahman and then continued with the Rector of the period 1998-2003, Drs. Rival Umar, Si, UNKHAIR dialihstatuskan be fought for Public Universities (PTN) in line with the formation of the North Maluku province, and by Presidential Decree No. 18 Year 2004 dated March 17, 2004, UNKHAIR changed its status to a PTN.
Based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 126/O/2004 on Organization and Administration of the University Khairun, UNKHAIR fostering 2 Bureau [Bureau of Public Administration and Finance; and Office of Academic Administration, Student Affairs, and Information Systems], 1 Institute [Institute for Research and Devotion to Society], 4 UPT [Central Library, Computer Unit, Unit of PPL, Unit of Personality Development Course], and 7 Faculty, each Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Science, Faculty of Letters and Culture, and the Faculty of Engineering. In the seven Faculties, there are 25 study program, namely Program Legal Studies, Economic Development, Management, Mathematics Education, Physical Education, Biology Education, English Education, Education Indonesian Language and Literature, and Moral Pancasila and Citizenship Education, Diploma Programme II, Elementary School Teacher Education, Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Technology, Animal Production, Aquatic Resources Management, Marine Science, Budi Aquatic Resources, Fisheries Resource Management, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Literature Indonesian, English Literature , and the History of Science.
Since 1984, UNKHAIR has demonstrated its ability developed, proven in several respects. First, UNKHAIR able to establish its own campus, adding additional classrooms, providing learning tools such as basic laboratory and development, computer labs, and establish study centers with a variety of research activities. Second, since 1988 until 2006, in a sustainable UNKHAIR send lecturers to study S2 and S3. Until the year 2007, out of 412 lecturers held, 286 people Sarjana (70.4%), 112 people hold a Master's Degree (27.6%), 8 person doctoral degrees (1.9%), and 1 person Professors. In the amount of 412 professors, 99 men studying S2, and S3 9 people studying, whether domestic or foreign. Meanwhile, the educational staff (technicians, librarians, and laboratory), totaling 127 people. Third, in the last three years, there has been a significant increase in the number of students, 20.6%. Fourth, most professors UNKHAIR young age, because it has adequate opportunity to be able to develop themselves, especially in the improvement of teaching and research capabilities. In addition, the support of leaders at both the University and the Faculty of sufficient role for institutional development, learning and teaching resource development.
Until the early years, the year 2007, 17 of the 25 study program has been accredited, 3-ranked B and 14th-ranked C. Meanwhile, 8 Another study program is in the process of accreditation. In the year 2007 was also, according to the Association Decision Selection Admissions Centre (SPMB), University of Khairun have been designated as a Local Committee in Region III SPMB Ternate.

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