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BAN-PT Vision and Missions 2011


The National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi – BAN-PT) to be the single accountable agency for Higher Education Accreditation in Indonesia and by the 2011 will be honorable and respectable agency, and becomes reference for other External Quality Assurance Agencies by the power of God


1. Implementing credible, accountable, and responsible higher education accreditation in Indonesia.
2. Supporting the implementation of the Strategic Plan of National Education Ministry related to higher education external quality assurance.


1. Providing national accreditation to all study programs, and the public, private, religion-based, and government service higher education institutions, which are providing academic and professional education programs;
2. Providing information on the accreditation results to the users of institution’s graduates

Main Tasks and Functions

Main tasks of BAN-PT are to formulate and socialize operational policies, and conduct accreditation of higher education.

BAN-PT has the following functions.

a. Formulating policies and decision making of higher education accreditation;
b. Formulating kriteria and ranking of higher education accreditation to be recomended to rhe Minister;
c. Conducting socialization of higher education accreditation policies, criteria, and instruments;
d. Conducting and evaluating the implenetation of higher education;
e. Preparing recommendation for following up accreditation result;
f. Announcing higher education accreditation results nationally;
g. Reporting higher education accreditation results to the Minister;
h. Implementing BAN-PT administration.

For the implementation of BAN-PT missions, the National Education Minister decides accreditation criteria and instruments, referring to certain considerations forwarded by the Agency of National Standard for Education (Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan). To facilitate its missions, BAN-PT can appoint team of relevant experts, team of assessors, and ad-hock committees.

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