Selasa, 13 April 2010

Study Program Accreditation Process

Prior to accreditation, the study program should fulfil BAN-PT requirement of eligibility by showing operational licence. Before applying for accreditation, the study program shall conduct self-evaluation process referring to the Guideline for Self-evaluation, published by BAN-PT. BAN-PT provides eligible applying study program with a set of accreditation instrument to be worked out and returned them together with the summary of self-evaluation report in three copies (for Diploma and Undergraduate study programs) or four copies (for Master and Doctor study programs), and two copies of recorded CD.

BAN-PT verifies the accreditation documents and prepares them for desk evaluation. Two assessors (for Diploma and Undergraduate study programs) or three assessors (for Master and Doctor study programs) shall review and assess the accreditation documents at a desk evaluation session. Referring to the desk evaluation findings, the same assessors shall immediately conduct site visit to the related study program, and within one week after vanishing the site visit they shall report to BAN-PT. BAN-PT verifies and validates the assessors’ report to be ready for BAN-PT plenary final judgment. BAN-PT announces the accreditation result to the accredited study programs and other related stakeholders. BAN-PT provides the accredited study programs with accreditation certificate and recommendation for further program development and improvement. The accreditation cycle shall be repeatedly conducted every five years. The whole cycle of study program accreditation process is summarized in the diagram above.

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