Selasa, 13 April 2010

Latihan Soal SIMAK UI 2010

Students accepted in UI are very competitive, in which only 5% of applicants are accepted yearly. For example in the year 2008 only 5.000 students accepted out of 100.000 applicants. UI acknowledge the importance of graduate students and by the year 2012 more than 50% of students are for Master and Doctoral studies. UI produces the highest and world class number of PhD graduates. International academic research publications produced by faculty-staff and PhD students are increasing tremendously. Our commitment is to produce high quality standard of researchers and by 2012 UI will graduate more than 500 PhDs a year.

Selection Sign UI is integrated into the selection examination organized UI UI for prospective students who wish to study in the UI. Tests are conducted simultaneously throughout Indonesia for all existing educational programs at the UI, from advocacy program (D3), Graduate Regular, Parallel Class Graduate, Professional, Master and Doctor. Trials carried out simultaneously.
For the participants in the UI test we provide exercises created by our team of experienced enough. Please you can have it.

Download Latihan Soal SIMAK UI

According to the Vice Rector Academic and Student Affairs Muhammad Anis UI, UI Consider acceptance will be the selection of students for vocation education programs, Graduate (Regular, Class Pararel, Extension, International Special Class) Profession, Specialist, Master, and Doctoral. “This year the line Check out the UI will receive as much as 55 percent or a total of 2200 students from UI students receiving regular S1 programs that reach 4400 students,” Anis said after the workshop Learn Convention Center UI in the UI, Depok, Wednesday (6/1/2010).

Anis added, to facilitate the contestants take the UI Check, UI has established 44 Local Committee (Panlok) from 46 cities in Indonesia, including the Embassy of Malaysia Local Commitee.

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