Selasa, 13 April 2010

Latihan Soal SMUP Unpad 2010

Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) remains much in demand by prospective students who wish to study in various programs in environmental studies Unpad.

In recent decades, the rate of interest in reaching more than 60,000 people. While capacity Unpad SNMPTN through 3800 only one. Efforts to meet the huge public interest in obtaining high-quality education, since the Year 2006 Unpad organized selection of new students at the various strata through the Selection Sign Padjadjaran University (SMUP).

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In improving the quality of new student selection, the selection system is designed as follows:

1. Program S1 (graduate SMTA) using a combination of Academic Ability Test (TKA) / Achievement Test and the Learning Ability Test (TKB);
2. Program S1 (for prospective students who have a minimum of 110 credit savings credits) using TKB and conversion systems;
3. D3 and D4 to use foreign workers;
4. S2 and S3 programs using the combination of English Language Ability Test and TKB advance.

TKA material includes Basic Math, Indonesian, and English are used to measure the ability of prospective student academic foundation, and the TKB was designed to detect the potential and opportunities in prospective students studying in the college better.

Thus, the path is expected to be netted SMUP applicant academically intelligent, able to complete studies on time, and develop themselves optimally, both in intellectual and emotional aspects.

More information:

Secretariat SMUP

Padjadjaran University Campus
Jl. Dipati Ukur No.35 Bandung
Tel. 022-2503278; 2503271 ext.203


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