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Latihan Soal UM UNDIP II 2010

Self Exam II in 2010 will be held around June / July 2010. UM II selection is the final stage of selection of students stratum I (S1) at the University of Diponegoro. This selection is to recruit students regularly 2. Not all courses that exist in the environment Undip offers regular programs 2. Self-Selection Trials II also recruit graduate students to continue the D-III in stratum I (S1). In general terms Mandiri II Examination are as follows:

  1. Students are active SMA / SMK / MA or equivalent in the year 2010 without any limitation year of graduation
  2. Some courses require no color-blind
  3. For group III Advanced Diploma must select a similar Study Programs

Exam Registration Self-II in 2010 will be conducted online at the website

Options Selection

* IPA: IPA 2 elective courses
* IPS: IPS 2 elective courses
* IPC: 3 elective courses (IPA + IPS)
* D-III continued exclusively for D-III continued to S1


Examination Material UM II are as follows:

IPA capabilities:

* Mathematical Association,
* Biology,
* English
* Physics,
* Chem,

IPS capabilities:

* Mathematical Association,
* Indonesian,
* Social Sciences,
* English
* Citizenship

Continued Diploma III

* TPA (test of academic potential)

Download Latihan Soal Soal UM UNDIP II

National Selection Activities State University is a selection of student candidates to enter the State University at the National level with the pattern of written test and test specific skills for specific study programs. The implementation of this selection is carried out by a Central Committee which was formed by the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia and located in cities where strategically located State University.
Written test held in the framework of the National Selection of State Universities will be implemented simultaneously and integrated at the clock and the same day, with about the same in the various State Universities in Indonesia, so that participants are expected to choose the location closest to the implementation of these selection events. An exam is not taken into consideration in the selection process and the determination of a prospective student graduation in the college of choice.

Location of Written Exam Registration & Verification

1. Semarang
2. Jakarta
3. Surabaya
4. Lampung
5. Pekanbaru
6. Field
7. Banjarmasin
8. Samarinda

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